Memorial Hospital, in conjunction with artist Christopher Stackowicz, has undertaken the renovation and beautification of the pedestrian bridge that runs across US 31 between Angela Ave and Northshore Blvd. The pedestrian bridge is the northern gateway into the city and has been due for a face-lift to better reflect the continual progress of South Bend. As a result of the combined efforts of the City of South Bend and Union Station Technology Center a plan has been developed to update and refurbish the existing bridge into a work of art. Over the course of the summer local artists, volunteers, and students will create a mural that enhances this entryway into the city. Christopher plans on highlighting local architecture in the mural to create something that will act as a link between where we have been and where we can go next. The inclusion of local artists, sponsoring businesses and volunteers allows individuals to take part in the enhancement of their city as it begins the next stage of the effort to unlock its limitless potential.

Christopher Stackowicz is a multidimensional artist specializing in large format installation paintings and site-specific interactive panoramic photography. Christopher is also a local artist, having graduated from Penn High School in 1994 and the University of Notre dame with a BFA in Printmaking in 1999. He then attended the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 2002 with an MFA in Studio Art/Installation. His primary area of research is creating interactive photographs and applications for display, virtual/visual archiving, and as a vehicle for better understanding the sites of antiquity. He has worked for the past 13 years as an editor, photographer, web designer and interactive media specialist for the Greek Architecture Project at Ancient Corinth with Dr. Robin F. Rhodes.

Christopher has also worked on a variety of projects for the American School of Classical Studies in Athens as a conservation photographer and as the visual editor and designer for an upcoming Athenian Agora iSite Guide. He has also been the interactive panoramic photographer for a wide variety of other projects and publications including the SHARP project at Korphos, the Penn University excavation photographer at Mt. Lykaion, the ASCSA Peirene project, the Snite Museum Classical guide, amongst others. As a painter and artist, Christopher has shown his work both nationally and internationally. He has exhibited in over 100 shows since receiving his MFA from Stony Brook in 2002 and has work in over 400 private and public collections. After a few years Christopher moved back to the area and has become very active in the local arts community and his work can be seen all over town. Some of his larger work can be seen at Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Osceola where he is responsible for the di sotto in su ceiling fresco for the Marian devotional and the 54’ long outdoor perspective illusion fresco at Bar Louie at University Park Mall.

933 Bridge Project

Bridge on 933 between Angela and North Shore Drive, South Bend, Indiana